Apply for Child Support

Apply for Child Support

  • You can quickly and easily apply for child support online by following the instructions to create an account below. No office visit is required. The application process should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If needed, you can save your application to complete later. There is no charge to apply for child support services.
  • You will need to provide identifying information about you, the other parent, and the child(ren) for whom you are filing if you have it. Please click here for a list of items you may need to complete your application. This information will be used to complete a child support application and file a legal complaint and accompanying documents with the Court. Once you submit your application, your information will be reviewed and a child support case will be created. A copy of the application and accompanying documents will be available to download for your records.

Who can apply online?

Any parent or person seeking to establish or modify a paternity and/or child support order, including medical support.

For further program information, click here

You can create an account and complete your application. If you do not have an account, click Get Started. If you already have an account, click Log In. Please note that the person creating the account must be the same person who is seeking to establish or modify the case.

Please be advised that the online child support application is not compatible with the Internet Explorer web browser. This means you cannot use Internet Explorer when completing and submitting your online application.